Watch Dogs Game Download For PC Highly Compressed

Watch Dogs Game Download For PC Highly Compressed

The story of watchdogs was really unexpected but in a good way. Watch Dogs Game story however is in fact the protagonist Aiden Pierce, because of this sad intro and guilt Aiden feels it is what allows us the audience to really connect with him. Aiden is main motivations throughout the story is to avenge his niece Lena and protect what’s left of his family at all costs.

This makes him very relatable the idea of a more of Aiden’s family getting killed is what sends him on a dark, dangerous path and forces him into becoming a ruthless and hardened killer. While many games often screw this up by making the main character become a criminal or unlikable watchdogs is able to keep Aiden as a likable character, Because everything he does is for his family and each decision he makes is for them.

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Watch Dogs Game PC Characters

Aiden is internal struggle is what made him such an easy character to become hooked on and invested in. About the game makes you feel like you are close to Aiden and whenever he wins you win and whenever he loses you feel that emotion. Aiden has some amazing character development and changes a lot during the story.

Watch Dogs Game Free Download For Pc Compressed

Watch dogs doesn’t necessarily have one antagonist there are multiple large antagonists that Aiden kind of has to deal with all at once and it was a cool approach as opposed to most games where there is just one big bad, another thing I found to be great with the story was how unpredictable it was, There is a lot you don not see coming and some surprises left me pretty speechless, The ending really good and it’s heavy and does a great job of making it feel like the end of a very long journey.

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Watchdogs Gameplay

The gameplay does not necessarily warrant the same praise, The combat is very simple it’s just a lot of cover based third person shooting that gets repetitive and old as the game progresses and there isn’t much unique about it. The weapons are poor as well there’s not a huge selection or variety to all the weapons and there is no weapon customization, Which leaves out a lot of the specialization and uniqueness, a lot of other games have like this.

The hitman style kills with the silenced pistol it made like a true assassin and the stealth felt very satisfying and hardly got old. Help you when you can do things like cameras, rig the guards equipment and explosives to get creative stealth kills, You can also do things like disable their ability to call reinforcements. Making the stealth feel a lot more skill based and not just point and shoot now the is fun.

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Watch Dogs Game Free Download For Pc Compressed

Watchdogs Game Pc Free, there is still a lot of fun things you can do like cause blackouts or race bridges that make the world feel malleable. The driving, watchdogs is good handling and turning takes some skill which makes it more fun having to know and practice. When you use brakes or drift to make turns without crashing and things like that and one thing that does Kinda suck though is that you can’t shoot while driving, So it makes fighting other enemies and vehicles a lot more annoying and more dragged out.

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Watch Dogs Game Download For PC Highly Compressed

If watchdogs could somehow make its own version of online. I think that would be pretty sick the game does have online modes but they are very small and limited and the servers weren’t very populated and the story missions aren’t playable in co-op. This game is really more geared for the single players watchdogs takes place in the beautiful city of Chicago like each watch dogs game thus far. The game does a great job of filling the city with life and really immersing you in this playground.

How To Download And Install Watch-Dogs For Free?

You Can Download It From Our Site Given Downloading Button For Free, when download is completed then install the game and Enjoy It For free, No Need Of Any Key just install and play, it is highly compressed, and fast download if you will get it from our site.

How many gigabytes is watch dogs 1?

It is Around 25 GB After The Game Installation In Your PC, But when you download the setup it is highly compressed, you can download it from above given downloading button.

Is Watch-Dogs Work On Low End PC ?

No, But It Will Work On Medium PC Like With 8 GB Ram And 1 Gb Graphic Card Smoothly. It Will Not Work On Too Low PC, Even you can run it with Intel Hd Graphics It will work smoothly.

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