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Just Cause 1 Just Cause is copped from the Grand Theft Auto arrangement, the game additionally shares certain attributes with Mercenaries and Pursuit Force. The game happens on the anecdotal Caribbean island of San Esperanto.

You play as the dark-clad Rico Rodriguez, a diverted yet segregated character who in no little manner brings out Antonio Banderas’ mariachi character from Desperado. Rico comes to San Esperito to help topple Salvador Mendoza, a degenerate despot allied with the Montano sedate cartel. With you are Sheldon, a Hawaiian-shirt-wearing, Joe Don Baker-type who has a method for saying Spanish expressions like “El President” with an articulated twang, and Kane, a relatively flat extreme young lady with a ton of backtalk and some ambiguous history with Rico.

Just Cause 1 Game For Pc Free

Just Cause 1 With the help of the People’s Revolutionary Army of San Esperito, just as the adversary Riojas sedate cartel, your point is to destroy the current system through death, reconnaissance, and a lot of pandemonium. Just Cause lets you lay hold of just about any vehicle you see, including pontoons, planes, and helicopters, if you can draw near enough to it. When you’re in the driver’s seat, most vehicles have a “stunt position,” which constrains you to surrender control however lets you hop onto another close-by vehicle and assume responsibility for them or send your parachute, which will jolt you back out of sight.

After a couple of missions, you’re given a catching firearm, which you can use to snare onto vehicles from two or three hundred meters away. Catching onto a moving vehicle will cause your parachute to naturally send, making it conceivable to parasail around the island. Maybe most astonishingly, you can utilize the catching snare to skyjack helicopters and planes while they’re noticeable all around.

Just Cause 1 Pc Download Game Free

Just cause was developed by Avalanche Studios and published by IO dose or Eidos. it was originally released on the PC PlayStation 2 an original Xbox in 2006 and as you can see the game is a third-person action-adventure open-world game and went on to release many sequels.

Just causes an open-world game that means You are Gonna go all over the place and the map is quite large, not only that it has that feeling of the Grand Theft Auto series where you can drive vehicles of a nice variety ranging from cars, trucks, jeeps, helicopters, motorcycles, boats, aircrafts, and you can also parachute around kill pedestrians.

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Just Cause Game Pc Missions

Liberation missions guerrilla missions races and even collect missions where you collect items. The main game has quite a few missions, and at least when it comes to the main story, there’s something like 18 missions or something like that now when it comes to weapons, There’s 18 weapons with three of them being or placed explosives and they are set up in tears too such as pistols and revolvers, submachine guns, assault rifle, sniper rifles, shotguns rocket launcher and more.

When it comes to throwing weapons you have the classic kick-ass grenade they triggered explosive in a timed explosive, it’s c4 or close enough to c4 but we’re not Gonna go into that, because who gives a it blows up it kills people it kicks the out of the bad guys that’s all that matters.

Just Cause 1 Pc Game Download Free

Game Graphics

The graphics are just cause well they are definitely outdated but obviously this game is over 10 years old and there’s nothing wrong with that, The game has a huge map over 395 square mile in size and very well designed the tropical feeling of, it is great ranging from the wooded areas the towns and the people walking around the vehicles are very well done and the game looks good somebody say it’s a bit bare but this is a tropical island. this isn’t a huge city like Liberty City or something like that the game is quite colorful and I noticed a little bit of Glitching off and on but you almost expect that in a game like this that has an open world style.

Game Characters

The character designs are a bit ridiculous to look at but once again I’m not gonna say that’s a flaw when it comes to the music they wouldn’t say it’s great or anything like that. The sound effects from the gunfire of vehicle noises explosions is very well done, The voice-over work is enjoyable a bit on the cheesy side and at times there are some funny quotes or should I say not so serious moments but that’s also cool I really don’t think this game takes itself serious at least most of the time.

Just Cause 1 Pc game Download Free

Just Cause 1 Game Download For Pc

Best action-adventure open-world game I have ever played no but it’s a lot of fun and that’s really all, It needs to be I guess another thing that could be a little issue with this game is going place to place, But really that’s kind of the fun part especially with how you can virtually go anywhere and you can find yourself causing havoc outside of the missions. Like you may do in games like Grand Theft Auto or Sleeping Dogs I will say this it’s definitely a nice start to the just Cause series now.

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