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They have a Battlefield 1942 Classic Conquest, Bad Company Rush Mode and Battlefield 3 Conquest. It’s cool to jump in and see an old map or use an old weapon. You have probably heard this a million times before, It’s something that we’ve seen in a lot of games and it’s nothing special here.

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Battlefield 2142 just kind of helps lose some of the Battlefield vibe, Now you can still customize their load outs decently enough, but it’s still just a little off. They are mostly unremarkable with some cheesy quotes at the end of matches, It’s got some skins and a really poorly organized loadout screen.

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Is there a story mode in Battlefield 2142?

it does not have a campaign and story mode. The game just doesn’t really feel like it has that Battlefield grit, that intensity, I was surprised how it doesn’t feel like Battlefield 1 or Battlefield 5, but in modern times it just feels a little bit looser, a little bit lighter But part of that is because of the technical issues. There’s tons of weird graphical bugs, sound issues and the game oftentimes just doesn’t look as good as it should.

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