Battlefield 2042 Game Pc Download Free

Battlefield 2042 Game Pc Download Full Version

Battlefield 2042 Game Pc Free to repeat from our Call of Duty Vanguard video, they made another one and this Battlefield brings us back to the modern era this time, near future, with bigger battles, emphasis on crazy moments and more battlefield. There’s no story, campaign or anything, So straight off the bat, not to waste your time, Consider waiting on this one.

Does Battlefield 2042 have a battle royale?

Yes, Battlefield Totally Based On Battle Royal Game. I think hardcore fans might be happy if some certain things are patched and added into the game because the foundation is kinda cool on paper, but there’s a lot it needs. For non hardcore fans, it’s just a rough experience right now with some technical issues, it’s becoming like another dumb catchphrase for us here, but it’s yet another game from this year that needed a bit more time in the oven. So with Battlefield 2042, it of course goes all in on multiplayer and there’s quite a lot of it. After a quick intro that sets things up, you jump into this Battlefield world in the near future where the world is getting messed up by freak climate issues and most technology and weapons and stuff is pretty believable, but a little cooler.

Battlefield 2042 First Person Shooting Game

Cool jets, visors, interfaces, stuff like that and even a Boston dynamic style robot dog that can’t just walk upstairs, but it can also just like run around and kill you. So many first person shooters set up that whole like near future soldier warrior stereotype thing but this one felt somewhat natural and not super over the top, like with lasers in 20 years. There’s no campaign or anything to dive into that stuff really. The game does go out of its way a bit more than your average multi-player game to give you little bits of lower end stuff. The main thing is of course, tons of multi-player chaos and there’s a good amount of choice. So let’s go through them. There is of course the all-out warfare tab, which gives you access to the big chaotic territory control game modes with lots of players.

The main one of course being Conquest. This is where all your typical Battlefield stuff is. The huge maps, points to capture, vehicles everywhere, dudes parachuting, you getting sniped from across the map, all that. Then there’s hard zone, which is essentially a bit more of a hunt down to things and extract, attack and defense style mode that’s more objective focused and smaller scale.

Battlefield 2042 Game Pc Download Free
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Battlefield 2042 Game Pc Free Download

It has its own like persistent point system, This is made up of 32 players, but can also be occupied by AI controlled occupying forces. You make a group like a small handful of operators that are each unique and you jump in and try to race and get the stuff and get out. It can be pretty tense and challenging, We were only able to get few good matches (indistinct) with people that were actually down to coordinate and play it right, because it is difficult.

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Battlefield 2042 Game Pc Download Free Full Version

They straight up just made a modern Battlefield game and then gave you a mode where you can just go play the older Battlefield stuff like the old style and maps. You can create your own server and your own rules and really mess around if you want. Dice has definitely emphasized how you can have whatever weird match you could dream up of here in the marketing stuff and there are already tons of servers with people doing just that. Battlefield 2042 Game Pc Free Download, There is also a lot of them just kinda setting up XP farming, but they’re having fun. They have stuff right on the splash screen you can jump into too and it’s pretty cool.

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