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Mafia 2 Game Free Download

Mafia 2 on Steam apparently it gets upgraded for free it’s this cleaned up remastered version but with significant flaws. Especially if you’re playing on PC there, I think the PC crowd will find some disappointment. It will look decent you know and cleaner on your TV but it’s still just not quite as up to par. They spent more time on this remaster because mafia 2 when it first released back in 2010 was such a good game.

Mafia 2 PC Game Story

Mafia 2 is a great story based linear single-player. You know the beauty of it is that, it’s an open world city with different districts and clothing stores for you to shop at and by garages to access to customize and tune up. The vehicles you hijack and it’s got all that but essentially plays out as way more of a linear game than you expect. The when it released I thought actually that part of it was a little bit of a letdown because it had very little open-world elements.

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It actually feels like a refreshing change of pace and a nice focus on story, You know the open-world city is there as like this loving atmospheric backdrop. it plays a specific role and you can enjoy it however you want if you want to plus the incredible license music all the time period centric details the atmosphere everything it’s like a really fun interactive.

Mafia 2 Game System Requirements

Processor:3 GHz
Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP And 7.
RAM Memory: 2 GB Of Ram.
DirectX:9 Version Supported.
Disk Space: 8 GB Of Disk Space After Installation.
Video Memory: 1 Gb Dedicated Graphic Memory Required.

Game Mafia Movie

Mafia movie I still wholeheartedly straight-up recommend mafia 2 as a must play. if you’ve never touched it straight up now for the bad stuff like I said it’s all technical stuff. The graphics frame by frame for that I do recommend some other highly qualified folks, but like for me going by feel at a glance it’s a bummer that the ps4 Xbox versions aren’t 60 frames per second. The sharper image is great the game doesn’t look like it has like a murky filter over it anymore but for a straightforward game, like this I was hoping for a higher frame rates thankfully with the PC version.

You can have that pretty easily but it still feels like a small jump in quality longer anti-aliasing more filtering and general hardware support stuff. It feels like a lot for a big install and hire system requirements you know side by side the difference is slight better textures. Some characters like Joe and Vito in particular do look much cleaner but the the full are really show on some less important characters.

Mafia 2 Game Download For PC

Mafia 2 definitive stumbles a bit hopefully they iron out some kinks a bit through patches, but especially on the side of console players hoping for something to operate. It was a surprise launch yesterday and we wanted to take a quick look here and honestly it’s a really good excuse to just talk about the Mafia games.

RAR Password: gamesskygoogle

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Game Rating 4.8

Mafi 2 PC version was already solid looking you know the classic version and and mods have made it look even better. Some things aren’t fixed like character heads really look placed on their bodies sometimes kind of like an action figure specifically in cutscenes also. Good cars their headlights seemingly appear out of nowhere not too far down the road right in front of you. There’s some weird decisions with physics and I’ve seen reports of some players having issues getting it to run on their machine.

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