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The Forza horizon series series has evolved so much, From since its inception from a simple arcade street racer with an open world to a vast collection and celebration of all things automotive. The Forza horizon series has always been one of the best racing series on the PC Games.

Forza was the game that introduced not only to xbox, But it is also available In Microsoft Windows. The game which might influence me in some way. That’s a bit of a bold statement the last true horizon game but hear me out forza horizon 1 and 2 and 3 and 4, feel like two separate pairs and almost like they’re different series. While forza horizon 1 and 2 focus on starting off from nothing, and having to really work your way up to be able to earn high-end cars, and be able to build your collection by working really hard for everything.

Forza Horizon 2 PC Overview

Forza horizon 3 and 4 seem to almost hand you everything in a way, They focus more on the quantity of having many cars and all of these cars and houses and everything all into one game. In a very accessible package in which the latter games in the series, You don’t have to work as hard and to be able to get things in the game. These are both excellent solutions for what makes a good racing game.

The first two games seem to have a special almost more realistic feel to them. About the progression and story in game, it starts off pretty much the same way as forza horizon 1, Did you start off as a newcomer to the horizon festival and by competing in events and championships, You have to work your way up all the way up to a final event in which you race to become the forza horizon champion. Forza horizon 3 and 4 take a different approach, horizon 3 has you build up a festival across australia and keep going and there’s no real super final conclusion. it’s just once you got all the festivals upgraded and all of that. Horizon 4 well that one doesn’t even really have a conclusion, but go back to the story, Quickly horizon 2 takes a slightly different approach from even horizon 1.

Game System Requirements

Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7/8 And XP.

RAM: 2 Gb of Ram Memory Or Higher.

Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.7 GHz.

Forza Horizon Size: 10 GB of available Space.

Graphic Card: 512 MB of Video Memory Or Higher.

Direct X: 9 Compatible With Video Card.

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Game Features

Forza Horizon 2 PC Download Compressed

As for those people who are more casual players they just want to race cars, They are not super interested in a story. Horizon 2 is pretty good for this because it doesn’t throw Cut-scenes at you and unnecessarily dialogue, What it will do is it’ll gently introduce you to characters but it’s up to you, whether or not you actually care about them or not. 99 of the game is just you racing against other drivers one of the big differences that the first two games have in compared to the third and fourth games is that. They are more grounded in realism take the horizon festival itself.

For example forza horizon 1 and 2 are pretty realistic in terms, You could kind of see it happening you know if you stretch your mind a little bit but Horizon 3 and Forza Horizon 4 go into festival scenarios, that wouldn’t even make sense especially for some of the scenarios that just would not even be close to possible in real life. The original two games also had something interesting to them which was in my opinion they had a really good sense of personality and a purpose to the game, they had so much more character than the third and fourth game in the series. It really did make you want to just keep playing the games.

How To Download And Install

Click The Given Below Downloading Button To Start Download.

Then Install The Game In Your PC.

Play The Game And Enjoy.

Forza Horizon 2 PC Download Latest Version

Forza horizon 2 just to mess around with cars. In this game it was a complaint about many people about some of the more recent games in the series, About how they were becoming more generic and using less unique engine sounds in the series. gane goes for a bit more of a brash aggressive tone on a lot of the vehicles, which they’re great in each aspect, but i kind of personally prefer the more neutral smooth balanced approach, That takes towards the engine sounds in game. I feel like especially for cars like the BMW m4, it gives it a more natural true to real-life sound. Forza horizon 4 where it’s just screaming at you but again i prefer horizon 2.

Forza Horizon 2 PC Download Details

Game Name:Forza-Horizon 2
Developed By:Turn 10 Studios
Initial Release Date:30 September 2014
Platforms:Microsoft Windows
Published By:Xbox Game Studios
Uploaded By:SkyGoogle
Modes:Single-Player And Racing Pc Game

Horizon 2 so much over the more recent entries in the series is because of the map, it has an absolutely fantastic and beautiful map while short, it lacks a lot of the diversity in terrains and atmosphere that you get in forza 3. The location is so unbelievably stunning that it makes up for it having that southern European italy and France. Setting is absolutely perfect for being able to live out your dreams and incredible driving roads in your favorite cars.

Frequently Asked Question

Where Is it Located?

It Is Located In Northern Italy and Southern France.

Game Developed By?

It Is Developed By Turn 10 Studios And Released In 30 September 2014, Based On a Free Racing Game.

How To Play The game On PC?

You Can Easily Play Forza Horizon On PC For Free, Simply Click The Given Downloading Button, Then Install The Game In Your PC, Play The Game And Enjoy.

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