Whatsapp Download For Pc

Whatsapp Download For Pc

Whatsapp Used to stay in touch with family. friends and also acquaintances. Whatsapp Download For Pc, It is a communication tool that allows you to send messages to others, it also allows you to call others and it also allows you to have video chats with others, see the other person in real time and with all three of those. You could either communicate with one other person or with groups of people so you have lots of options. Whatsapp Download For Pc And It is originally comes from what’s up as a way to kick off of communication, There are many other communication tools out there. It is one of the most dominant and one of the most used communication tools and part of the reason why is whatsapp really came to be during the time when most people use simply their cell phone text messaging or their cell phone calling to stay in touch with others now at the time.

Why Whatsapp Is Most Popular ?

One of the problems was if you wanted to text message people a lot cell phone companies charged a lot of money for that. One point in time it was five ten cents per text message also if you wanted to call people in other countries and this is still a problem today cell carriers charge a lot of money. Whatsapp Don’t Charge You That Much Money, don’t charge you by phone call they don’t charge you by text message in fact there’s no charge at all. it simply leverages your data and so they got the cost so low so dramatically low to stay in touch with others people flocked to whatsapp now.

Whatsapp Download For Pc Free

The second thing that really drove whatsapp success is when you sign up for whatsapp, You enter your phone number and by entering your phone number what they do is That’s your unique identifier on it. Whatsapp Download For Pc and so when you join what’s happened you launch the app. They Will do is they’ll look at all the contacts on your phone and all their phone numbers and then it’ll take those phone numbers to look at all the whatsapp members and see if there are any matches when you start using whatsapp, Then is you have this immediate network of people, You could call now Those two things really helps properly.

Simply a way you could project out or communicate to all your friends, What your current status is and I just left it as the default one I don’t have a status. but you could take a photo if you want some photo associated with status or you could click on this pencil and you could type in status. Then it’ll reset so it’s a way where he could communicate out to your friends just what you’re currently up to or what you’re doing or maybe you want to say hey I’m available now or I’m not available so whatever you want to use that.

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Whatsapp Download For Pc

You Can Even make all your phone calls within Whatsapp and In the top right hand corner you’ll see a phone icon with a plus, if you click on that that will allow you to set up or basically create a new call. That’ll do is it’ll open up all your contacts and within this call view, What you’ll see is you have a phone icon and also a video icon clicking on a phone. On the phone icon will kick off a phone call clicking on the video icon will kick off a video call, so depending on whether you want someone to see your beautiful face or not. You can choose which one you want to click on, they also have something called a new group call and On that what’s interesting is you can immediately kick off a call with up to seven participants. so it’s kind of like a conference call that you could kick off so a nice way where you. let’s say you have you know a few kids and maybe you want to call them all at once and talk to them at once. You could go ahead and do that. You could see who’s ignoring you and who’s not and who picks up first when you call. so that’s how you could kick off a group call so pretty nice calling capabilities.

Whatsapp Download For Pc Latest Version

All of them so here I could go in and I could select multiple people If that’s what I would like to do. You have two things within here you could also simply click on new group or broadcast list. so if I click on new group that brings me back to this group view a broadcast list is somewhat, It sounds like a group but not quite with a broadcast list. it’s more your communicating out and you don’t want the different individuals, Communicate with one another if they respond it’ll simply go to u-verse with a group. everyone can communicate with one another so it depends on how you want to communicate, maybe you have a big family and you just want to communicate out.

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communication Whatsapp makes that really easy Type in text, If I click on the plus icon I could insert documents, I could use the camera pick existing photos from my photo library. I could send my vote my location. my contact information so lots of different things I could share. I could also share different icons or gif ease I could also load the camera and if I click on the microphone I could record audio and then send an audio clip so maybe I don’t want to call,

Settings In Whats App

click into settings and the first thing That See there is my lovely picture at the top and I’m gonna click into that there I could edit my name, I could edit my photo, I also have my phone number. which I’ve blurred out otherwise I might get a bunch of phone calls and I have some other things in here, where I can manage my account. my chat, my notification settings. I can even tell a friend about what’s app.

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