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The Last Of Us Download For PC

The Last Of US game for me was its story the opening to the game is one of the most emotional and captivating intros to a game. I have probably ever played and it did a fantastic job of drawing you into this world. its characters and showing how the world became a post-apocalyptic wasteland. The voice acting and motion capture for this game is absolutely phenomenal you can really tell that the people who voice these characters put tons of passion and emotion into their dialogue. it translates so well especially with incredible facial and body animations of the characters, it just makes the game feel so real.

The Last Of Us Overview

This game a lot of heart Joel has experienced a lot of tragedy and suffering and he’s had to do a lot of ugly and unspeakable things to survive in this world. You can see the world has broken him at times, He can be a real jerk but he’s so ruthless and Band-ass and has so many layers to his characters, That you scrape off as the story progresses until you finally see his true self by the end. Joel is not the only great character in this game in fact pretty much. Every character you meet is so complex and layered and you really have to figure them out because a lot of them just put on what seems like an act. There are times in this game where you will see humans at their absolute worst and lowest of lows and that is brought thanks to this harsh world and stern survival at all.

This story is very dark and at times can feel very heavy and Ellie’s innocence curiosity and youthful energy is really what balances out the tone more times than not and in a dark story. Ellie and her sporadic personality she’s really what keeps this story Humanized and she works perfectly with joel as at the beginning they seem like polar opposites to each other and really want nothing to do with the other. The story progresses and their dynamic and relationship changes it’s really cool and quite honestly a beautiful thing to watch as they both change and bring out different sides to the other.

The Last Of Us Download For PC Full Version

The Last Of Us System Requirements

Processor: Intel Core i3 3.7 GHz.

RAM: 6 GB Ram.

The Last Of US Disk Space: 22 GB Space After Install.

Video Card: 2 GB Dedicated Memory.

Operating System: Windows 7 And 8. ( 64 Bit Supported Only )

Direct X: 11 Supported.

There are a lot of different characters you will meet throughout this journey and each one has their own story their own background, their own personalities and struggles and finding out what each one was and how their story ends is really a sight to behold. The last of us really knows how to get you to feel connected to these characters who feel like real human beings and then taking that connection and creating an emotional and shocking response from the player. The story really does a fantastic job with its pacing as well it builds suspense and hits you with intense moments at the perfect times, then slows down and speeds up.

How To Download And Install The Last Of Us

First You Have To The Last Of Us Download, Simply Click The Downloading Button.

When Download Is Completed Then Extract The RAR File Win WinRAR Latest Version.

Run The Setup For Install The Game In Your PC For Free.

Click Next Select The Location Where You Want To Install The Game In Your PC.

All Done Now Simply Run The Last of Us.exe File, You Will See The Shortcut In Desktop.

Play the The Last of Us PC Game And Enjoy.

The Last Of Us Download For PC Compressed

There is so many brutal finishing moves from Joel that just looks so bad-ass, the Gun-play also does an excellent job with each shot feeling heavy and impact no damage sponges, In the last of us and every shot counts and does considerable damage to the enemy including one shot Headshots and deadly shots from close range with a shotgun ammo is so sparse in this game, that you really need to make every single shot count, because if you miss and waste your ammo then you are screwed and are either going to get gunned down by a human or eaten by a zombie.

The Last Of Us Game Download PC

The stealth while not entirely complex is still satisfying and very important in this game, You cannot just go running and gunning every time. Stealth is actually encouraged and preferable especially when you need to save your ammo for the big gun fights, The crafting system encourages you to make use of every little scrap and item you find in the world and it perfectly exemplifies, The scavenger survival style of game play, The game focuses so heavily on med kits and shivs are far and few between, so whenever you can finally craft one you must know when and how to use it effectively, because you can’t stack like 50.

You’ll be lucky just to have one the variety in zombies is also pretty good, You have your standard runners who are really fast but pretty easy to kill and you have probably the most annoying enemy type of all time with the clickers who detect you through sound, instead of sight and man. The amount of times i died to these things oh come on the clickers even one shot kill you in melee and the only way to kill them is a gunshot.

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