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Seed Of Life Game Download For Pc

Seed of life is an epic adventure game about the persistence of life, You play as cora the last known survivor of lumia a dying planet your only hope to save your home world is to activate the sea of life. Rekindle the sun once again will you be the light that conquers the darkness. My experience and then you can end it on a high as well, i think this one has potential There’s something there you play as cora, you’re walking along and it is voice acted cora is telling you. This story about her grandfather and all these stories of the old world. This world used to be full of light and life and you are trying to restore this balance by collecting lumen from different flowers and different sources, so that’s what you’re trying to do.

Seed Of Life Game Overview

You’re trying to go throughout this world collecting this resource and return it to the land, so that the land can heal, would say my play Through of this was for the most part positive, There were some things Streamlined or was done a little bit differently, There was a crouch mechanic that you had to use pretty early. When you were crouching it was weird the viewpoint changed like your camera got all wonky and it like moved around on. Seed Of Life Game Download its own so you had to realign it yourself and that was just that wasn’t very fun. it wasn’t the end of the world that’s just kind of like quality of life that they can fix later on additionally, i appreciate that it was voice acted however it sounded a little echoey.

Seed Of Life Game Download For Free

i would consider early access type issues, it would be unfair to to talk about the game when it’s still in development, Because the end of the day this is just a short demo that we were provided i’ll get to that in a second so i found that during my play through that everything was so narrow, I almost felt claustrophobic to a degree there wasn’t a lot of things to really look at as, we go through the footage of play through, You’ll see everything feel it felt like i was running through a corridor made out of stone essentially.

Seed Of Life Game Download For Pc Free

I wouldn’t call it a beautiful game at all let’s move on to the movement of the camera that felt a bit floaty but the voice acting, There is voice acting in this game was there an echo there was a little bit of reverb and i think that was on purpose. The way the voice acting was done it just felt a little bit eerie, the way it was just like softly spoken and wispy, I appreciate it was voice acted but i did not enjoy the voice acting let’s move on to the sound of the game. I will be honest i can’t even remember it, like it was not something that made an impact on me at all i totally agree.

Seed Of Life Game Download

Seed Of Life Game For Pc Free, The music or the sound effect how crazy is that, We’ve just played the game and we can’t even remember how it sounded. There is a story that is apparent but it just needs a lot of polish to tighten it up and it can be done, if they will get to it did you find the story the the story of what it gave you in this engaging us, all would you go back for the story is that what is that why you would play this game.

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