Pros And Cons Of University Of Melbourne

Pros And Cons Of University Of Melbourne Review

Pro And Cons Of University of Melbourne You have will be lectures and tutorials lectures is basically you are seated with hundreds of other students in silence taking notes. Lectures not very engaging and quite disappointing in teaching style because a lot of the times these professors although they would be very qualified and intelligent they would lack a type of communication style, that you normally see in great teachers and oftentimes. they will just be reading from the power points which will be directly taken from the textbooks and so it’s very repetitive.

it is not necessarily there for these professors that are teaching are incredibly qualified for the role, Like they are researchers there are strong academics but because of the way things are structured, they are kind of forced to teach. The university’s responsibility to be giving them training as to how to become more engaging as teachers, because students are learning a lot of material and these materials definitely depend on how they are being taught to us. Students also have tutorials which is something you might be more used to if you’re coming from high school and it’s basically 10 to 20 people in a classroom and it’s very interactive.

Pros And Cons Of University Of Melbourne

University Of Melbourne Benefits

University Of Melbourne has a lot of benefits we do have, The Melbourne model which is you can study a major but you can also study a lot of breadth subjects, Which basically means that you can study subjects from other courses like drawing, history, anything you can think of really so it gives you a good opportunity to really suss out. Group of people that are like-minded and you know events will run your bi-weekly or monthly, so it’s not as frequent as some other clubs or high school.

Elbourne Uni its prestigious it has some of the most smartest people, it has a really good social environment from what I have experienced, There definitely was a lack of stimulation on the intellectual side. How University structured as a whole especially Melbourne University because just they didn’t feel like teachers.

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