GTA Vice City Ultimate Download For Pc ( 200 MB Setup )

GTA Vice City Ultimate Free Download For Pc Full Version

GTA Vice City  released a year after GTA 3,   A game which laid the foundations for  open worlds as we know them today. Vice City began as DLC for GTA 3, as an  opportunity to add in features that didn’t   make it into the original game. GTA Vice City Ultimate PC Game The scope of the project grew large enough to be a stand alone title and so the next instalment  in the Grand Theft Auto franchise was born. In many ways, Vice City is  a bigger and better game. 

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It’s sandbox has been expanded to  include more melee and ranged weapons, we have more vehicles including motorbikes  and helicopters, and we have outfits, interior locations, more side content and brand  new mechanics in the form of property management.

GTA Vice City Ultimate Download Game Overview

Vice City was not made in  3 years like GTA 3 or GTA 5,   or even 8 years like Red Dead  Redemption 2 – it was made in one. This tight development window means some parts of the game haven’t received the attention they should and there are technical  issues depending on the version you play.

In GTA Vice City we play as Tommy Vercetti. Tommy is a member of the Mafia who’s recently  been released from prison after a 15 year   sentence. We see Sonny, the head of the Mafia describing the plan for Tommy, now he’s back. Sonny sends us to Vice City to build up a empire in this fictional version of 80’s Miami. GTA Vice City Ultimate Pc Game We land at Escobar Airport, meet up with  Sonny’s lawyer Ken Rosenberg and head to a  deal with a suitcase full of money. It is quite similar to the start of GTA 3, where we’re running a job and  get double crossed.

You can see that Vice City wears  it’s inspirations on it’s sleeve. It’s setting is heavily influenced  by the neon tinge of Miami Vice,   and the story is essentially the story from  Scarface, where our main protagonist enters Miami and rises to the top of a criminal  empire. We even get a property which is decorated like Tony Montana’s estate,  which was a nice nod to the source material.

Gta Vice City Ultimate Free Download For Pc Full Version

The Story Of Grand Theft Auto VC Ultimate

The story is more cohesive than  GTA 3 as we are always working towards that goal of finding the people  who double crossed us. Early on, we work with Ken and meet the main players in  Vice City, who can all help us in different ways, Juan Cortez, a colonel from Central America, Avery  Carrington, one of the biggest property developers in Vice City and Ricardo Diaz a kingpin,  with a cocaine problem and a bad temper.

Step up compared to GTA 3, where only a  handful of missions that add to the plot. GTA Vice City Ultimate Game Free Download For Windows 10. Occasionally, we do take off-shoots from the main  story when we work with other eccentric citizens of Vice City like Phil Cassidy, an ex-army man,  who’s obsessed with moonshine and explosions, or the band Love Fist as we score them deal with an obsessive fan.  

There is   a twist as Lance double crosses us, which was a  nice touch, especially when we are forced to kill Lance on the roof of Tommy’s estate. Generally  it’s pretty basic compared to modern games, and their focus was just on other parts of the game and I’m confident if Vice City was made today,  we’d have more in every aspect of the story. The best part about the missions is that they  focus on fun. Gone are the frustrating timed missions from GTA 3 and in place of them we have  bombastic action and over-the-top set-pieces.

Vice City Free Download Characters

The characters are creative, whacky and endearing  to the point where we never feel short changed. In fact, one of the best characters in Vice  City is Lance Vance. We meet Lance early on and he quickly tells us that he and Tommy want the same thing. Lance’s brother was murdered by the same people who ambushed us, which means both of our paths have crossed at the perfect time. After this point, we spend a lot of time with Lance, who is an extremely likable character. The relationship between Lance and Tommy is  one of the highlights of the game, where they felt like a buddy cop duo, working together and  having each other’s back.

You’ll notice that a lot of the missions involve  assassinating people, which doesn’t sound that good, But what is great about these  missions is they are different every time.  One mission might ask us to wipe out a group  of wannabee bank robbers using a motorbike,   a sniper and a submachine gun. Grand Theft Auto Vice City Ultimate Whereas another  mission sends us undercover at the Leaf Links Golf Club where we chase down our target in a Golf  Buggy – which is so ridiculous, but so much fun. As with these missions, objectives are  more action orientated in Vice City.  

Gta Vice City Ultimate Free Download For Pc Full Version Game

GTA Vice City Ultimate Game Download PC Mission’s

We have missions that are solely focussed on  combat as we defend a point against waves of enemies. Sometimes we are on a yacht with an  assault rifle or sometimes we’re positioned up high overseeing a deal. We also have  several turret sections throughout the game,   which admittedly have been done to death in modern  gaming, But in Vice City the turret sections were actually some of my favourite moments. One of  these for example is where we are shooting from the side of a helicopter set to the sounds  of “Till the beat goes on” by the Whispers’ And then this mission finishes as we fight through  this abandoned mansion, in an almost dungeon like  encounter, fighting past enemies and heading  towards the final room.

GTA 3 had a lot of variety, but due limitations  in technology the entire game was set outside. The thing that impressed me the most though  was the new motorbikes as they open up so many gameplay options. As motorbikes are  smaller than cars we can now fit through gaps. We  can now have Set-Pieces where we chase people through tight alleys on a motorbike, firing  our submachine gun over the top in hot pursuit. It feels like we’re taking  part in an action movie.

Download GTA vice city Ultimate PC Cars

It also means we can access areas we  simply couldn’t with cars. Certain missions ask us to drive up staircases to  jump onto the roof of the next building across.  The absolute highlight here was driving  a motorbike into an office block lift. Grand Theft Auto Vice City Game Free PC Full Version And driving out the window to land  on the next skyscraper across. It is one of the most unique missions I’ve played,  and it really does shame modern sandbox games. Of course, not every mission lives up to this  high quality.

We have so much more on top of this. We  have a shooting range, rampages everywhere, a dirt-track, remote control toy missions, pizza  boy missions and even a full on Destruction Derby. These activities are already worth playing  as they are enjoyable in their own right, but Rockstar goes above and beyond here by  making sure we’re rewarded for completing  each one.

We had the same thing in GTA 3  in the form of Emergency Vehicle missions, but now even the smallest  of side content rewards us. Like the shooting range. If we score 45 points  in one round we unlock a faster reload for every weapon. GTA Vice City Ultimate Game Pc Download Free Full Version, how about the Pizza Boy missions,  which boost our health if we complete 12 in a row.  Considering how challenging some of the missions  are, these upgrades are absolutely essential. Although, there’s one piece of side content where  we’re not rewarded for our efforts.

GTA Vice City Ultimate Free Download For Windows 7 32 Bit

In GTA Vice City Ultimate there are less rival gangs, but just as Rockstar fixed this  problem they created another. And   if you’ve played Vice City recently,  you’ll know what I’m talking about. The Vigilante Missions are essential as they  boost our total body armour if we beat 12 in a row. Gta Vice City Ultimate Free Download For Pc Full Version Game, They were relatively easy, but they were ultimately engaging as we take  down criminals in whichever way we want.  

For some reason though Rockstar decided to mix   them up and cause our wanted level  to increase much quicker than before. This isn’t an issue for the early levels,  as 2 stars are perfectly manageable.   Actually, it’s more than manageable as  the 2 star cops are idiots who can be  outsmarted by slowly jogging backwards.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How To Download GTA Vice City Ultimate In Laptop/PC?

First You Have To Download It From Our Site Given Downloading Button.

When Download Is Completed Then Extract The RAR File Win WinRAR Latest Version.

Run The Setup For Install The Game In Your PC For Free.

Click Next Select The Location Where You Want To Install The Game In Your PC.

All Done Now Simply Run GTA Vice City Ultimate.exe File, You Will See The Shortcut In Desktop.

Play the game Enjoy.

How Many Missions Are There In Gta Vice City?

There Are Total 87 Missions And 38 Story Based Missions, 5 Phone Calls Missions, 3 Remote Control System Missions, 19 Assists Missions, 4 Off Road, 8 Side Mission, 1 Sparrow Mission And Lastly 6 Racing Missions Included in This Game.

How To Get Helicopter In Gta Vice City?

you can find the helicopter parked on the helipad on the roof of the Downtown Police Station.
In The City Side Helipad On The Roof Near Downtown Police Station From here you can get a helicopter on the roof.

How To Open Map In Gta Vice City?

First Click The ESC Button in Your Keyboard, Then Game Will Pause And Option Will Showed Go Down And There Is A Option Map, Simply Click It And Map Will Showed in-game.

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