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San Andreas running between 60 to 80 FPS in 1440P with ultra settings, which doesn’t sound great for a 17 year old game on PC with a risen 730800 and a 280 super but it isn’t terrible either, considering the upgrades and changes, still we think it could use some optimization. GTA Trilogy The Definitive Edition Game Download PC, Still the game is totally enjoyable. There is more problems in the GTA 3 version, The game runs seemingly for us with the performance loss of like 30 to 50% in more demanding scenes. It is kind of like The Witcher 3 on Switch where on handheld it technically looks decent.

All Grand Theft Auto Games Included In Just One Collection.

These Are Included:

Grand Theft Auto Vice City Remastered

Grand Theft Auto 3 Remastered

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Remastered

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Gta Trilogy Game Pc Download Free, GTA 3, GTA Vice City, And GTA San Andreas All Remastered Games Included In One. 100% Working And Tested

Is GTA trilogy on PC ?

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GTA 6 Download For PC New Released

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