Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Game Download 500 MB Compressed

Grand theft auto san andreas is just a great game, Anyone who remember is playing this game for the first time really remember is when large-scale met quality one of the first times. Grand theft auto 3 and grand theft auto vice city didn’t pay of the way but san Andreas was just something more. It is the best-selling video game console of all time and has sold a hundred and fifty million units worldwide. Grand theft auto san andreas is the game that has sold the most copies on PlayStation 2 and it’s done that by a large amount.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Highly Compressed 500 MB Download

GTA San Andreas It obviously came out on more platforms than PlayStation 2, however to note that it dominated the platform that dominated at the time shows just how big it was by 2011. GTA SA had sold 27 point five million copies across all platforms and that’s a lot.

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The most of generally people consider it to be a very good game perhaps one of the best in the Grand Theft Auto series. The map versus another map in another grand theft auto game and in truth the map is a good place to start san andreas rather than being a city is a state kind of a tri-county area. If you will made up of three cities Los Santos which corresponds to Los Angeles and was later expounded on Grand Theft Auto 5 san Fierro. which acts as a stand-in for San Francisco and las ventures. The cities they want to present as the essence of them and that all three of these cities are so vibrantly characterized.

GTA San Andreas Main Cities

When you’re in San Fierro or Las Venturas the difference between these cities is so well highlighted, that I often found that I tended to have a Favourite area of the game. It was san Fierro which is this very pretty calm city that you can still get into some serious nonsense. If you look the setting had so much to offer that it created its own myths because of how creepy it could be at night in the forest or how area could be in the thick fog. Lots of people thought Bigfoot was in the game somewhere or that Leather face was about hanging in an abandoned Hut somewhere.

GTA San Andreas The main character CJ is a member of the Grove Street family’s gang. What starts out as a turf war between them and several other rival gangs quickly balloons into a large State-wide syndicate built by CJ. The game sometimes falls into very stereotypical performances it does manage to have an incredibly diverse set of characters and I mean that both in the sense of the ethnicity of the characters as well as their demeanour as goals and expectations.

Game Vehicles

Grand theft auto san andreas did so much more than just that the sheer amount of vehicles, The types of vehicles the airplanes which yes even that remote control plane. That David Cross yelled all the annoying crap while you are trying to perform the mission. One of the most annoying things ever it somehow manages to feel iconic in its own way, if you manage to beat that mission which was incredibly hard and managed to put up with the voice acting, which even the voice actor themselves couldn’t do in an interview in 2016.

GTA San Andreas Download Game Compressed

Grand theft auto san Andreas a game of three cities that gives you just an endless number of things to do comparing it to games outside. GTA San Andreas was more than complete it was above and beyond what it needed to be and that was it. Gta games are still like that today. They have captured the magic of the map or the camaraderie of the characters that San Andreas really did. That is not to say grand theft auto 5 doesn’t exceed San Andreas in many respects but there is just some element of magic.

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