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God of War Download For Pc Full Version

God Of War 2 Game PC the biggest thing I took away from it was variety, There are so many ways to fight your enemies and it doesn’t become stagnant. God Of War 2 Download, I was having fun slashing down my enemies from the start all the way until the end. The story is very well done with Kratos being your main character. A warmongering psycho that kills anything and everything in his way until he becomes defeated and seeks out Aerys.

God Of War 2 Game Overview

The god of War 2 to aid him as he does this Kratos is essentially cursed to do his bidding forever, Until Kratos just has had enough due to a tipping point that he comes across from this point forward. You are on a mission to kill the god of war on this journey. You will go across a multitude of different and stylish levels. The designs for this world is just amazing from Athens desert of lost souls. The hades temple hades itself and much more. The graphics are obviously outdated but the cut scenes are still pretty good to look at, It just shows how they really cared about the way. God Of War 2 turned out with this being a PlayStation exclusive Santa Monica studios outdid themselves, When this was released back in 2005.

God of war 1 Game Download Compressed

As you play through the game, You will be given a multitude of weapons and abilities to defeat your foes. Your main weapon being the blades of chaos two blades held by chains, that allow you to throw them and reach enemies from a distance. You will then have the ability to strike down your enemies with Poseidon’s rage, that brings down a hell storm of lightning in a small radius around you. Medusa’s gaze that turns everyone into stone for a short time and you can crush them while they’re in that state. Zeus is fury that allows you to shoot bolts of lightning from your hand to enemies from a far distance.

God Of War Game PC Weapons

The souls from the underworld to defeat your foes, This is a great tool to use for big hordes of enemies all at once. You do have the ability to upgrade these weapons and magic by collecting red orbs from either killing people or finding them in chess. You will also be able to find chests that have the ability to fill up your magic and health bar. There are moments as well where these chests can be up to you on which one you need the most, But sometimes you will have one that allows you to choose one specifically. If you need either health or magic, You can choose from the singular chest which one you need but sometimes it will have that singular chest. A specific chest that is either specifically magic or health sitting right next to it.

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Killing so many enemies in my way that I really felt like, wasn’t being challenged now when we get to pause fights. Putting a bombardment of enemies in front of you is what should be considered a challenge, Because at this point it can just feel lazy and then at worst it could be just straight up repetitive now. They do add some down time in the game that makes you step away from the violence and do some puzzle solving, which is a great way to add variety to your game and puzzles, that don’t need to strain your brain as well.

God of War Game Download For Pc Full Version

Playing a co-op game that requires puzzle solving move over. There are some quick time events that you can perform to kill your enemies as well at some point once you are strong enough. You won’t need to perform these unless there are a boss that requires you to do them to finish the battle.

How To Download God Of War 2 For Free

First You Have Click The Given Below Downloading Button.

Download Will Start Shortly, Then You Have Extract It WinRAR.

The Password For The RAR File Is ( gamesskygoogle ).

Install The Game In Your PC And Play Enjoy for free.

God Of War 2 Game Details

Game Name:God Of War 2
Developed BySanta Monica Studio
Release Date:March 22, 2005
Supported OS:PlayStation 2, Microsoft Windows.
Genre:Action And Open-world Game

God Of War 2 Download For PC

Certain places that the camera may not be looking at which rewards might be hiding like Gorgonz or feathers that increase your maximum for both. God Of War 2 Download, Your health and magic bars the game is decently long as well being about 12 hours of gameplay, if you take your time to explore and find hidden rooms and chests, I was very satisfied with the game story and i cannot wait to get to god of war 2. Action And Adventure Pc Game if you haven’t played these games yet then do yourself a favor and pick these games up, Because they have aged beautifully and still hold up to this day.

RAR Password: gamesskygoogle

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