Facts About Boston University And Short Review

Facts About Boston University And Review

Basically today i just wanted to hope on here to talk a little bit about my experience at Boston university so far. Just tell you about what i think of Boston very honestly. About academics and professors and what the Boston community is like and just general things about on-campus living that I think everyone should know about. Boston is a really great city and it’s definitely a lot cleaner and a lot more manageable than most major cities. Someone who lives in new York, i was always looking at schools in new York city too but i don’t know i just really love the city of Boston, It’s a lot smaller and i think it’s really easy to make it feel like home personally, New York city is really great But it can feel really overwhelming with all of the Skyscrapers and just the way that the city is laid out but Boston definitely feels a lot more approachable and a lot more welcoming.

Boston University Review 2021

Overview Of University

Who’s never lived in a city before while it is an urban campus, you don’t kind of get that weird spread out feeling. i do think that the campus is very cohesive, which is really nice because then it kind of feels like a best of both world situation. There are a million things to try and there really is something for everyone, no matter what you’re interested for example there are some great music venues that are close. I think is like an incredible deal so lots of stuff to do. If you’re a foodie, there’s a million amazing cafes and restaurants to try in the city continuing on boston is a college town, Which i’m sure if you’re already looking at Boston, It’s really great because you get to you know meet people hang out with people do research with people from a bunch of schools in the area.

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Opportunities At Boston University

There are so many opportunities for getting amazing internships and jobs in the city of Boston. A lots of colleges have really great career development programs, Resources to help you find internships and jobs. There’s so many different opportunities for students to apply for and try to get. If you’re looking to go into the health or the pre-med kind of track there’s so many great hospitals in the area and bu has a medical campus. if you’re someone who’s looking to go into the health profession. I think that Boston is a really great place for you because the city of Boston has a lot of opportunities in that specific area.

Facts About Boston University And Review

Community Of Boston University

Boston University community is The biggest one With is just the fact that Boston is a huge school, You are not going to be able to get to know all of your classmates and it’s easy to get overwhelmed sometimes. I really do believe that Boston university students are friendly and really excited to meet new people, But just by the nature of being such a large institution. It can be very easy to feel lost, I think and you know it might be kind of difficult for some people, especially people are more introverted to make friends right off. I think to combat that you have to really be proactive about focusing on those smaller communities and by that Focusing on your residence hall, and focusing on joining clubs, That kind of thing Four because It can get easy to be lost in the shuffle.

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