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Download Facebook App

Download Facebook App There are so many things on Facebook. That you might need for your business and it’s confusing trying to figure out, The difference between a facebook profile page versus a Facebook group. There’s a lot of confusion about how these all mesh together a lot of people might think should I have a business page, or a Facebook group for my business or you might be considering should I be you know promoting my content on my personal profile or on my business page. You Can able see see your personal profile, you can see other things which you added there in your profile like as kids names or something.

When I went to college and used to have to use your college email in order to get a Facebook, but your personal profile this is where people can find out about you where you’re from., where you live, you know any information about businesses. Your friends are they can see pictures they can you can spy on all your friends from high school. It’s a great place for your for your mom to embarrass you not really but you know just opposed to kind of silly things like this on your profile.

Business Page At Face-book App

Business page from your profile You’ll see your pages in pages section on facebook and you can click see more, Your business page is gonna look like and it’s gonna take a second to load, you can still write posts and put content on there. There’s a lot of things you can see so you can see some videos there from Bobby, you can see videos from me if we keep scrolling on, if we had events that would show up there. Recommendations and reviews from some of Your lovely clients and podcast fans.

This can be a great way to post content the people that follow you, if you have a lot of your customers that are following you you’re connecting with people through groups and things like that. Most of the people that are friends with you are gonna see your content now. Download Facebook App it’s not 100% anymore it’s not you know that that’s a misconception the people that are gonna see your content, the most are gonna be your closest personal connections people that actually follow you, like they can actually click and say I want to follow this person your new friends and people that engage a lot, They comment, they like they share your posts, Those are the people they’re gonna see it the most you’ve got like a loose connection of people that like you don’t really talk to anymore.

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Facebook App Download

Group connected to the page, Need to do a little work on Your page, we don’t have as much information as we probably should on here. The big thing the page versus the profile is that your profile will reach more people, but you cannot run ads on your personal profile so a lot of people kind of abandon ship on their pages and stop putting content on their pages. because Facebook made it said only about 2 to 3 percent of the people on your Facebook Page, will actually see your content and so they’re like well. Why not post on my profile the answer is because you can promote it you can run an ad to it. Download Facebook App You know you got to pay to play but the reality is there’s only so much space in the newsfeed and so by them reducing the amount. Your page content is showing up it’s allowing for there to be more space for ads and for ads to be you know less expensive. The reality is Facebook is an advertising platform not really a social network, it’s always been run by ads that’s how it keeps up and running, but if you’re a business owner and you’re spending money on ads. this is a good thing because it means other people’s pages that they’re posting on aren’t gonna just flood your feed.

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You can see all kinds of groups either you’re part of or it’s just slow loading here, but groups are you’re part of your friends groups. Groups that are popular near you by subject you can find all kinds of cool new groups. You can see we’ve got almost a Thousand people in here and this is where they can post their questions, We’ve got an accountability post going there, You can see they’re getting feedback on an ad. that they’re running there’s talking about Mike got his first paying client, that’s awesome there’s all kinds of stuff going on in here and so a Facebook group is different from a page in that.

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It’s a community where people can post and see everything and you’re Gonna see almost every post from a group so this is a great way to build a community to have a Place for your students. Your clients to share information. You can host events you can even go in file section, We have all kinds of extra content in the Files section. You can’t run ads in groups so this is like a personal profile and that you can’t promote this content that might happen one day. But it’s not available yet so only your content that’s on your Facebook page can be turned into an ad and I keep bringing that up, because I just believe that Facebook ads are incredibly affordable and it’s a great way to promote your business and grow your audience.

Download Facebook App Free

We’re big believers in paid traffic especially with Facebook Ads. You might be think business page, business manager, What’s the difference right so you can get to business manager. You can see there a bunch of different accounts, Ads Manager now business manager so I can go to ads manager and that’s where we advertise the ads. Go to manage ads that’s gonna take you to ads manager. Download Facebook App in ads manager be able to select the account and this is where you can create your campaigns right use is where you manage your ads, You can go there to create it’s a guided process, it walks you through all of these steps the ad account. the ad sets the ad write you can choose what kind of ads you want you’re targeting all of that stuff. You need to build up your likes. Your fans on your business page so that your content reaches more people.

You should be promoting content on there because if you’re putting content on your page, it’s building engagement you can do all kinds of stuff like create custom audiences of people that have engaged with your page. You can target with ads look like audiences, You can get more people and more fans by targeting people that look the most like your current fans. Boost if you have an ad or a video that’s or whatever it’s doing really well, You can promote it you can spend an ad on it to make it more people reach it. there’s a lot of cool things that you can do with the business page. You should have it as a business it’s like your business, business card I think like people one of the first things they’ll do, When they’re looking up your business is they’re Gonna go look at your Facebook page, so it’s a good idea to have one of these things create it now.

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