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Assassin’s Creed series was a significant computer game, a one of a kind and real title that accomplished amazing results with its novel equation of activity, adventures and platforms. The controversy, nonetheless, also splashed a computer game that separated the fans among those who surrendered to their unquestionable quality, and among those who considered their playable example to be excessively redundant.

In Ubisoft, mindful that with a continuation the degree of interest is significantly stronger, they chose last year to observe the complaints of the fan to polish the Assassin’s Creed formula and inhale an immense diversity. New missions, a tremendously liquid and substantially more natural battle, and a general inclination that following this line of fuse and constantly changing the period and scenery the franchise can keep on treasuring indistinguishable levels of value for a considerable length of time, for the user’s genuine feelings of serenity.

In any case, the continuation not just committed its efforts to including concepts and improvements, yet in addition sought and made the pillars that expanded the first increasingly solid. New character with the same charisma, similarly absorbing script however with considerably more weight and, once more, an emphasis on the historical setting that this time is severely upgraded by Ubisoft’s expectation to exploit the abundance of the time through New and fascinating ways.

Assassin’s Creed II was propelled on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in November 2009, and now four months after the fact it is the turn of its good version . Its primary claims are an improved realistic section and furthermore the fuse of substance that on consoles have been sold separately as downloadable. On the off chance that you didn’t appreciate outstanding amongst other computer games of 2009 now, in 2010 and good, you have the chance to do it as a saga as it deserves.

As the fan who has pursued our inclusion of Assassin’s Creed II or who read at the time the analysis of the console versions will know, the protagonist of the sequel responds to the name of Ezio , and replaces Altair, who as of now It will stay in the memory of users as responsible for opening the series with their cooperation in the first game.

What, be that as it may, does not change is the presence of Desmond as a channeler of the interactivity from the future and with his “travels” in time, in spite of the fact that this time with a prevalent job significantly more stamped and with a dose of connection on the We will go further later. Truth be told on this occasion the introduction comes from the hand of precisely this character, and it will be with his disoriented presence in the facilities of Abstergo Industries where we will start our experience.

The script delves into Altair’s relationship with Desmond-Ezio, and the presence of the previous saint is substantial consistently thanks to a series of writings that we will continuously know. The contention by and large is vastly improved treated in the sequel, and we feel that consistently it is the genuine motor of understanding and that it has considerably more pertinence than in its predecessor.

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