An Honest Review Of Columbia University

Most Popular Columbia University Review

Columbia University so after the first year is pretty good and just gonna jump into like different categories of things and gonna start out with academics so academically. obviously, I Am Also A Student At Columbia University. I guess was really really rigorous I did spend most of my time in the library studying. This was not necessarily a bad thing for a few reasons, first I like really enjoyed the majority of my course work probably like all of the classes. I took what I really really liked and was interested in and Second like my friends had similar priorities to me in terms of making sure work was done.

So having people to work with was super important to make me motivated and like making work more fun for me so that was really good in terms of how I managed that rigor. Honestly, I think I was able to do it pretty well, and here’s the primary reason why I kind of decided that I wasn’t gonna cram any more in college because in high school all I did was cram like I was very bad at like sticking to study plans doing anything in advance most of the time. I did work the day before I was to you so while I like did well in high school I wasn’t necessarily a good student and in college, I didn’t want to be stressed all the time. I was saving all my work until the last minute and I think I did a really good job of that.

About Columbia School And College

The school that I’m referring to is Columbia college and is located in the heart of Vancouver, it’s a five-minute walk to the nearest Skytrain station like the train is literally across the building. Commuting is the least of your worries it’s also a five-minute walk to my favorite spot in all of Vancouver which is false creek after class. You can simply enjoy the breathtaking views of science world habitat island Olympic village and if you go even further make your way down to Granville Island, where you’ll find a lot of these hipster shops basically the school is located at the center of everything and it’s truly amazing.

About the school first 95 of the student population are international students with this diverse composition, you’ll likely meet a friend from your home country or from another country second the average classroom size is between 20 to 35 students. it’s relatively smaller in comparison to other universities here but coming from a small school myself this setup really helped me form a deeper connection with my classmates.

Columbia college you can always start your class in the next semester, which is a four-month wait at other schools with two semesters per year you may have to wait a little bit longer like six months to even one year. So having this trimester calendar set up is really great especially, if you want to start your life sooner here in Canada, in short, this school gives you flexibility with your education goals.

A Short Review Of Most Popular Columbia University

Benefits Of Columbia College

It sounded good so far but what about immigration goals, well Columbia college is a designated learning institution which means choosing to study at this school, makes you eligible for a study permit, and more importantly. if you graduate with an associate’s degree you are also eligible for a post-grad workforce that allows you to work in Canada on open work. Permit for up to three years so right off the bat this school gives you plenty of options to align your education goals with your immigration goals. By the way, this is a two-year associate’s degree for potentially a three-year post-grad work permit, that is the most bang for your buck that you’re ever going to get now.

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Before we go into the meats and potatoes of Columbia college let me first serve you some apps let me take you on a campus tour, the main campus is located in a five-story building which is a pretty sizable school one cool thing I noticed are the several bronze slugs located around the campus apparently. there are 40 of them which if you have time you can search for once, you get there but if you think that was interesting just what’s inside.

I can honestly say that this school was built for the student and by that, I basically mean that it has lived for the students there are food hangout spots study areas, computer labs a student lounge, and even a library, there are also so many clubs that you can join like soccer, badminton, ping pong, dance music, anime and so much more. All of these spaces and activities encourage the students to interact with one another and pretty much. You have something to look forward to when you get to school and that’s great I mean if you will be spending most of your time studying anyway you might as well make it, enjoyable anyway moving on let’s get to the technical stuff let’s talk about the programs offered at Columbia College.

Three Main Programs Offered At The School

They are associate degrees university transfer programs and high school programs among the three only graduates of an associate degree are eligible for a post-grad work permit, but that’s not to say that the other two are a lost cause in fact these are good options for students with different educational goals, and I will elaborate on this point later on. Just to run by it quickly there are two associate programs every two years in length, there are several concentrations under each program such as business, administration, economics, general arts, political science, computer science, and even mathematics.

Some students prefer to get their bachelor’s degree at a Canadian university for several reasons like being more competitive in the job market, but getting into one can be very competitive as they do have higher entrance requirements for those students that do not meet the entrance requirements for direct entry. You may consider Columbia college’s university transfer program the benefits of taking this program are one you save money since tuition fees are lower at this college in comparison to taking the same courses offered at your chosen.

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